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3 Core Components That You Must Pay Attention To When Buying A Laser Marking Machine

3 Core Components That You Must Pay Attention To When Buying A Laser Marking Machine


There are many kinds of laser marking machines on the market, such as optical fiber, CO2, ultraviolet...Laser marking machines with different light sources, whether it is equipment price, power, or marking material, they are very different.


At present, among all types of laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines are more affordable and have the widest range of applications. For fiber laser marking machines, you must look at the three core accessories when purchasing.


        Undoubtedly, the laser is the core and most valuable accessory of the laser marking machine, and its quality directly determines the use effect and life span of the laser marking machine.

        At present, the imported brand IPG is the most well-known in the laser market, but the low-power fiber lasers used in laser marking machines tend to be overtaken by the leading domestic lasers, Raycus lasers

Raycus Laser


        The galvanometer is also an important part of the laser marking machine. It is composed of two parts: the controller and the galvanometer (motor). The galvanometer is composed of the stator, the rotor, and the detection sensor.

        The laser marking machine relies on the coordination of X and Y vibration deflection to reflect light onto the work surface for precise engraving. The control of the galvanometer is controlled by a computer in an open loop. Therefore, the requirement must be linear, that is, the linear relationship between the input signal and the deflection angle.

        Because the galvanometer is a fast and precise machine, it is required to go from one working state to another working state. The greater the acceleration, the better. In this way, the marking idle time of the laser marking machine is infinitely small. Therefore, the quality of the galvanometer will affect the processing speed and processing accuracy of the laser marking machine.

Galvanometer of laser marking machine

        Marking software

        The control software of the laser marking machine is like a human brain. It is the window through which the user controls the marking machine. It should have rich and complete drawing functions, a large number of user support software, and a trendy development direction. The ability of Chinese information.

At present, there are many kinds of software for laser marking machines on the market. Some powerful laser marking machine manufacturers use independently developed software, and some small laser marking equipment manufacturers use conventional software such as EzCAD.

The above are the three core components of the laser marking machine. Apart from understanding the basic configuration of the equipment, the soft conditions such as brand strength cannot be ignored.

Nowadays, the technical threshold of laser marking machine is lowering day by day, but this does not mean that you can choose a brand to purchase randomly. For the laser marking machine, its product configuration and after-sales service have a great impact on the service life of the product.

There are many fiber laser marking machine manufacturers in the market, and many small brands have short established time and weak technical strength, so they can only take a low price strategy to seize the market. There are two reasons for maintaining low prices: 1. The equipment adopts low-end configuration; 2. Refurbished machines.

The fiber laser marking machine is composed of various components. Its core components such as lasers, boards, galvanometers, etc. will affect the marking speed and accuracy of the equipment. The quality of the components directly affects the use of the equipment and even its service life.

 A laser marking machine with a low-end configuration is like buying a low-end computer. How do you play the game of freezing and crashing? Nowadays, equipment is becoming more and more important in all kinds of games, and the same is true for choosing laser marking equipment.

The major brands on the market and the production technology of fiber laser marking machines are relatively mature. Take LXSHOW Laser as an example. From the procurement of parts to the design and assembly to the inspection and delivery, dozens of procedures ensure product quality. The equipment has been verified by the market for many years and has continued to operate stably and has a good reputation.

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