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What you should pay attention to when first buy co2 marking machine?

What you should pay attention to when first buy co2 marking machine?


For the first time customers who purchase laser marking machines, it is usually tangled to choose CO2 laser marking machine? Or is it a fiber laser marking machine? In fact, the fiber laser marking machine on the market is mainly used for metal laser marking. The CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for non-metal laser marking. This is because the CO2 laser is mainly different in wavelength and fiber laser, so he is not metal. Material engraving is better. Users generally want to know what to pay attention to when purchasing a CO2 laser marking machine?


First, whether the output power of the laser is large enough is the key to the speed and effect. Whether the energy is stable or not, usually requires a stability of 2%, and in some cases, 1%, in order to process the desired effect;


Second, when investigating the stability of the CO2 laser marking machine, it is necessary to understand the service life of the laser tube, and to know what technology is used to control the opening and closing of the laser tube. Because the laser is like a big light bulb, the more it opens and closes, the easier it is to break. The above 2 points are very important. Both use a motor to drive the two sets of lenses for x-direction and y-direction rotation. However, the control technology of the laser is different. The same set of 20 characters of data is used. The laser machine using the dot matrix resident technology is only opened and closed once, and the laser machine using the scribing technique is opened and closed 20 times. Open and close once by typing a character.


Third, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine does not choose the right choice. Your laser marking machine is not necessarily good and may not be suitable for you. Therefore, when choosing a laser marking machine brand, remember to give priority to the scale of your use and the material of the items you need to mark. If it is applied to non-metallic items such as wooden materials, users can choose the more affordable co2 laser marking machine. Most non-metallic materials can be engraved with this machine, and the single machine can also operate. It can also be installed on the assembly line for joint use. The control software of this marking machine supports background software such as autocad and photoshop. The system is powerful and easy to master.

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