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What should I do if the laser fiber marking / marking laser leaks?

What should I do if the laser fiber marking / marking laser leaks?



Many devices are now running without electricity, and it is safe to operate under normal conditions. Laser equipment has a long service life, and it is inevitable that there will be some shortcomings. Leakage is one. Once we find out such problems during use, how should we solve them? Let us look at it below.


1. Leakage phenomenon

Many machines have leakage problems. The phenomenon of leakage is the feeling of acupuncture when touching the metal part of the whole machine. The slight tingling sensation leakage voltage is about 100V or less, and the leakage voltage is about 150V when the tingling is strong.


2, the cause of leakage

1 Some boards used by electrical appliances have their own problems. Electric appliances with switching power supplies are mostly in this case. These electricitys are not too dangerous for people because there is a large resistance between the board and the mains, and the current generated is small.

2 Some components are leaking, especially capacitors, or because the board is damp and too dusty, there will be leakage. If some of the electrical enclosures are not charged at first, they will be charged after a period of time. Kind of situation.


3. Detection method of leakage

Leakage is caused by a certain potential difference between the electrical enclosure and the mains connection between the ground and the ground. The method of detecting leakage is to contact the charged body with an electric pen. If the bubble is bright, it will be extinguished immediately, which proves that the charged body is static electricity, if it is long, it is leaking.


4, the solution to leakage

1 The easiest way to do this is to swap locations.

2 Clean the dust on the board, especially the power supply board.

3 If the above method does not work, the most effective way is to ground the case.


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