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What is an uv laser marking machine/uv marking machine?

What is an uv laser marking machine/uv marking machine?



With the continuous development of the laser application industry, the traditional laser marking machine adopts laser as the thermal processing technology, and the improvement space in terms of fineness has a restrictive development. The ultraviolet laser marking machine is a new type of laser. The processing technology is cold-working technology, so it has been reduced to the lowest in terms of fineness and heat, which is a big leap in laser technology.


The process of UV laser marking machine is called light etching effect, cold processing (UV) photon with high load energy, which can break the chemical bond in the material or surrounding medium, so that the material will be destroyed by non-thermal process. The layer and the surrounding area do not produce heat or thermal deformation, etc., and the final processed material has smooth edges and extremely low carbonization, so the fineness and heat influence are minimized, which is a great leap in laser technology. Shenzhen Jinxifang Laser has a strong focus in the field of laser marking machines, and has developed a series of standard and non-standard automated UV laser marking equipment.


The working principle of UV laser marking machine:


The reaction mechanism in ultraviolet laser processing is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, laser energy is used to break the bonding between atoms or molecules, so that it becomes a small molecule to vaporize and evaporate. The focused spot is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is minimal, so ultra-fine marking and special material marking can be performed.


Application range:


Nowadays, with the rapid development of laser equipment and the improvement of the power of UV laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine has been applied to the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, the surface of packaging bottles for iPhone, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other polymer materials. Marking; flexible PCB board marking, dicing; silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface plating, plastic buttons, electronic originals, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc. Fields.


Most materials can absorb UV lasers, such as consumer electronics, mobile phone components, LCD screen engraving QR codes and trademarks, ceramics, sapphire wafers, capacitive touch screen ITO etching, etc. can be operated with UV laser marking machine.


Glass can only be marked with an ultraviolet laser marking machine. In general, the application range of UV laser marking machines is relatively wide.

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