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What is a dynamic co2 laser marking machine/laser marking machine co2?

What is a dynamic co2 laser marking machine/laser marking machine co2?



The carbon dioxide laser marking machine is a gas laser with a wavelength of 0.6 um as a main working substance with CO2 gas. CO2 is used as a laser medium to generate a glow discharge in the discharge tube when a high voltage is applied to the electrode, so that the gas molecules emit laser light. The laser energy released by the optical lens is amplified and saturated to form a laser beam. Automatic laser marking is achieved by computer controlled galvanometer to change the laser beam trajectory.


Carbon dioxide laser marking machine Features: Original CO2 laser, high-speed scanning galvanometer, reasonable structural design, high speed and precision, stable performance, long life, 24 hours continuous operation, compatible with CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP A variety of software output text, support PLT, DXF, PCX, BMP and other common graphic file formats, can directly use SHX, TTF font, support automatic encoding, variable text, serial number, batch number, date, various barcodes And the marking of the QR code can also support the anti-play function.


Carbon dioxide laser marking machine product application: CO2 laser marking machine CO2 laser marking machine can be applied to a variety of non-metallic materials and some metal products on the marking. For example, leather, architectural ceramics, acrylic, wood, paper, bamboo, ABS, PVC, EP, epoxy, glass, rubber, etc. Widely used in beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, handicrafts, electronic components, communications, watches, glasses, printing and other industries.

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