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The main components of the lazer marking machines/desktop fiber laser marking machine?

The main components of the lazer marking machines/desktop fiber laser marking machine?



Laser marking machines can usually be divided into optical fiber, ultraviolet, and CO2 laser marking machines. In addition to some optical components, the organization principle is different. Most other configurations can be divided into the following categories.


Laser marking machine laser


That is, the laser source, the core of the laser marking device, is mounted in the device housing. Previously imported fiber lasers have a good output mode and long service life. In recent years, the technology of the domestic laser industry has become increasingly mature, and the service life and performance of lasers are comparable to those of imported lasers. However, for users with very high precision requirements, it is recommended to explain and request to the manufacturer in advance.


2. Laser marking machine laser scanning galvanometer


Laser scanning galvanometer is also the core component of laser marking machine, mainly used for fast and accurate positioning of the beam. The performance of the galvanometer determines the accuracy of the marking machine.


3. Laser marking machine focusing system


The focusing system focuses the parallel laser beam at a point, mainly using an f-theta lens (also known as a field lens). Different field lenses have different focal lengths and different marking effects and ranges. The standard field lens in a fiber laser marking machine is generally: f = 160 mm, effective marking range φ = 110 * 110 mm. Users can select live lens models based on their own products and the range of markings they need:


F = 100mm mm, effective marking range φ = 75 * 75 mm


F = 160 mm, effective marking range φ = 110 * 110 mm


F = 210mm mm, effective marking range φ = 150 * 150 mm


F = 254mm mm, effective marking range φ = 175 * 175 mm


F = 300mm mm, effective marking range φ = 220 * 220 mm


F = 420mm mm, effective marking range φ = 300 * 300 mm


Due to the different wavelengths of the laser source, the focusing system also needs to be divided into fiber field mirrors, co2 field mirrors, ultraviolet (355 field mirrors) and green (532 field mirrors).


4. Laser marking machine power supply


The input voltage of the laser power supply is AC220V volts AC. The Adidas small computer provides switching power supply externally for portability and emergency shutdown.


5. Computer Control System


Combine the laser processing system with computer numerical control technology to form an efficient automatic processing equipment, which can input various characters, patterns, symbols, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc. It is easy to design and mark patterns with software, and change the marked content to meet Modern production requires high efficiency and fast pace.


There are many kinds of software used on laser marking machines, some of which are traditional, some developed by themselves, or developed for the second time. This depends mainly on which control card the device manufacturer uses and which software to use.

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