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The installment requirements of mini laser marking machine/desktop laser marking machine?

The installment requirements of mini laser marking machine/desktop laser marking machine?



Laser marking machine has been recognized by customers in different industries for its excellent performance. Before it is put into production, it is necessary to do some preparatory work to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged due to improper operation and avoid unnecessary losses.


1. Before installing the laser marking machine, keep the body as clean as possible; keep the dry, dust-free optical equipment in the environment of 10 °C to 35 °C. It is often necessary to ensure an independent enclosed workshop to ensure that the room temperature, the floor should be ground paint or tiles, and that air conditioning is installed.


2, the customer should provide main power support, at least 2500w single-phase AC power, and the laser marking machine must be installed in the main power air switch, protection; triangular plug is strictly prohibited.


3. The main power supply provided by the customer must be on the ground. It is strictly forbidden to connect to the virtual.


4, using deionized water circulating water tank cooling water, if there is no deionized water, you can use distilled water instead; circulating cooling water should be replaced in time after use for a period of time (at least two weeks of water), so as not to affect the efficiency of the laser.


5. Install the optical bench back panel and the semiconductor red light indication. Since the light of the laser is invisible to the naked eye, a red laser is used as a reference for the optical path. The red light must be in the same direction as the laser, so the optical path of the red light is required to be parallel to the optical bench, and the height is consistent with the height of the center of the YAG bar.


6. Fixed laser marking machine front baffle: Install the front baffle, and adjust the red light to be emitted from the center of the front baffle exit hole.


The above is some of the requirements for installing a laser marking machine. Of course, before installing the laser marking machine, we must determine the integrity of the equipment and the complete accessories.


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