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The difference between hot marking operation and cold marking operation of laser marking machine fiber/CO2/UV?

The difference between hot marking operation and cold marking operation of laser marking machine fiber/CO2/UV?



The principle of the laser marking machine is to use the laser beam to mark the permanent material on different materials. It has been widely used in the fields of electronics, metals, plastics, etc., especially in the electronics market. With the continuous development of technology, laser marking machines are gradually divided into two technologies according to the needs of the market: hot processing and cold processing. These two technologies are used in different markets according to different materials and marking requirements. Let us introduce the knowledge of laser marking machine cold and hot processing.


Whether it is laser marking machine hot processing or cold processing technology, through the processing of the material surface, permanent and fine marking of various materials and metals can be achieved, and the pressureless processing method is adopted, and it is not correct. The processed product is damaged, so the advanced laser marking technology gradually replaces the traditional marking equipment, and is preferred in the electronics, circuit board and other industries.


Cold processing technology: Cold processing is generally used on green light marking machines and UV laser marking machines. Cold processing is a new high-tech that has only come out in recent years. It mainly illuminates the surface of workpieces with high energy density laser beams. The surface absorbs laser energy, causing non-thermal damage to the material. Because it is cold-worked, it does not cause problems such as cauterization, black edges, and deformation of the workpiece.


Thermal processing technology: The high-energy laser beam used in thermal processing illuminates the surface of the workpiece to cause a thermal reaction in the irradiated area, so that the temperature rises to reach the phenomenon of burning, dissolving, evaporating, etc., in order to achieve our final target effect. This type is mainly used in fiber laser marking machines, co2 laser marking machines, and semiconductor laser marking machines.

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