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The difference between fiber marking machine and UV marking machine?

The difference between fiber marking machine and UV marking machine?



 There are many types of laser marking machines, and the performance is completely different. Many friends don't know much about this. The laser marking machine is just a general term. The laser marking machine contains several marking machines with different functions. Below we Take common fiber marking machines and UV marking machines as examples to see what different functions and features are available for these two marking machines!


1. Ultraviolet laser marking machine

Due to the extremely small spotlight spot and the very small heat affected zone, the UV laser can be used for ultra-fine and precise marking and special material marking. As shown in Figure 1, the marking product has higher requirements for customers' preferred products. . UV laser in addition to copper metal accidents, but also suitable for processing many drugs marking. The main advantages of UV are not only good beam quality, smaller focusing spot, ultra-fine marking, minimal heat-affected zone, no thermal effect, no material scorch problem, fast marking speed, high efficiency and stable performance. , small size, low power consumption and other advantages.


2, fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine evaporates the surface material through the laser beam to expose the deep layer material, which is "engraved" by the chemical and physical changes of the surface layer material by the light energy. It also burns off some substances through the light energy to show the required engraving. Various patterns such as etched patterns, text, and barcodes. It is suitable for the processing of metal products. Because the fiber laser marking machine burns part of the product through light energy, it is a better choice for metal and stainless steel. If it is more demanding, more sophisticated products, fiber laser The standard machine will look awkward, then we compare the UV marking machine with the fiber marking machine, do you think they are completely two performances!

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