Slag discharge structure of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

The slag discharge layout of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the receiving slot placed in the automatic fiber laser cutting machine machine tool, the receiving slot and the machine tool slide continuously, the opening of the receiving slot and the part-time table on the automatic fiber laser cutting machine Aiming, a flexible receiving member is arranged in the receiving groove, and the receiving member is provided with a feeding port with an opening tooth not less than the opening tooth of the receiving groove. The receiving member is equipped with a sliding part that opens and closes the receiving opening. The sliding of the receiving chute continues, and the reverse side of the part-time table is equipped with a flexible intercepting piece that intercepts the sliding of the sliding piece. When the waste is dumped, the receiving member is in a sealed condition, the dust in the waste is not easy to fly up and cause dust, and the dust is not easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract by the liquidation staff, which may cause human body effects.

The field of automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which includes a base, a guide rail assembly arranged on the base, a moving area arranged on the guide rail assembly, and a The drive assembly on the base, the reading head, and the reading head adapter assembly, where the moving area can be compared with the base to perform linear motions under the guidance of the guide rail assembly, and the drive assembly is used for To drive the mobile field to act, the read head undergoes the read head transfer assembly to continue in the mobile field, and the read head is used to act with the mobile field to read the displacement of the mobile field , The read head adapter assembly is used to reduce the heat conducted by the moving area. After the above layout, the temperature transmitted between the parts is gradually reduced, which effectively accelerates the heat dissipation rate between the reading head and the moving area, and avoids the accuracy of the reading head from falling or not being consolidated.

Multi-effect automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including machine base, torsion part-time table, laser and placement seat. The placement seat is provided with a placement arm that extends to the top of the torsion part-time table. The laser is not fixed to the placement arm; the torsion part-time station includes a table top and a torsion motor, and the table top is rollingly arranged on the machine base and driven by the torsion motor; the placement seat includes a landing seat and a cross slide, the The cross sliding table has undergone the landing seat placed on the top surface of the machine base, the workpiece is arranged on the movable part-time table, and the laser is used for cutting processing. The movable part-time table and the placement seat layout for the laser are planned, which can meet the processing needs. , At the same time, the equipment layout is simple, the production cost and the protection cost are low, it is suitable for industrial software, the processing accuracy is higher, and the suitability is wider.

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