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Precautions when purchasing laser welding machine

Precautions when purchasing laser welding machine



With the wide application of laser welding machines, users are increasingly demanding laser welding machines. There are many manufacturers selling laser welding machines on the market. The power and laser types of various laser welding machines are different. Many users cannot use them very professionally. The way to identify the quality of the laser welding machine, do not know how to choose a laser welding machine, let us look at what to pay attention to when buying a laser welding machine.


1. Laser used in laser welding machine


The quality of the laser directly affects the quality of the laser welding machine. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the imported laser is relatively guaranteed, but the price is relatively high. In addition, some domestic manufacturers also have the quality of imported products. The difference is almost the same, but due to tariffs, freight and other reasons, the price is more affordable than imported.


2, performance selection


The choice of laser welder performance, such as optical characteristics and control characteristics. The optical characteristics mainly include spot size, focal plane height, depth of field, spot position, and spot incidence angle. The control characteristics are the feedback control mode and the selection of the power waveform. The optical characteristics of the laser welding machine can be determined at the time of proofing, and the user can intuitively determine the welding effect when initially testing the product.


3, the manufacturer of laser welding machine


When purchasing a laser welding machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer of the laser welding machine. Because the quality of the manufacturer also directly affects the quality of the product and the after-sales service after purchase, it is necessary to purchase the products produced by the regular manufacturer.


4, the price of buying laser welding machine


When buying a laser welding machine, you should pay attention not only to the above two aspects, but also to pay attention to the purchase price. When buying a laser welding machine, you must pay attention to products that cannot be purchased below the market price, because such products are often malicious competitions in small workshops to lower prices. The quality of the product is not guaranteed, so be sure to guard against price traps.

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