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Introduction to the characteristics of oscillating knife cnc/ cnc oscillating knife

Introduction to the characteristics of oscillating knife cnc/ cnc oscillating knife



Vibrating knife cutting machine can cut different flexible materials, different cutting methods, multi-purpose knife holder, 8 sets of different strokes, half-knife, full-knife and other different settings, can be connected to any CAD software, widely used in clothing, Shoes, luggage and other industries.


1. Simultaneous operation and cutting of the computer, Ethernet transmission, fast data transmission, fast and convenient, optional automatic paper feeding function for continuous use, easy to operate;


2. The performance of the integrated circuit board of the garment cutting machine has the characteristics of fast proofing and high precision, and is transmitted by Ethernet, which is fast and convenient;


3, clothing cutting machine English LCD display, easy and fast operation;


4, clothing cutting machine products, stable performance, safe and reliable, a wide range of applications, users a wide range.


5. Projecting the cut graphic image through the projector, which can reflect the layout position of the graphic in real time, and the typesetting is efficient and fast, saving time, labor, and materials.


6, a wide range of uses, can be used for the cutting of leather and other flexible materials. Widely used in the footwear industry, clothing industry, luggage industry, automotive industry, decoration industry.


7, to meet the production goals of less batch, more orders, more styles. The programmable multi-axis motion controller achieves the technical level at home and abroad for stability and operability.


8. The cutting machine drive system adopts imported linear guide rails, racks and timing belts, and the cutting precision completely reaches the zero error of the round-trip origin.


9, friendly high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate, easy to learn. Standard RJ45 network data transmission, fast speed, stable and reliable transmission.

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