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Introduction to the advantages of cnc vibrating knife machine/ cnc vibrating knife cutter

Introduction to the advantages of cnc vibrating knife machine/ cnc vibrating knife cutter



 In the past ten years, China's CNC vibrating knife cutting machine industry has continuously absorbed advanced cutting technology from abroad, and has made great progress in both technology research and manufacturing technology. With the increasingly saturated downstream demand market, the future CNC cutting The machine equipment will further realize the fine processing and intelligent cutting as the main direction to facilitate the processing and production needs of the terminal enterprises. Let us take a look at the advantages and features of the finishing type CNC vibratory cutter cutting machine:


1. Parameter line function

The parameter line function of the finishing CNC cutting machine is mainly for a processing method of surface (curved surface, solid surface), which can set the restriction surface, stop the intervention check, etc., and can also complete the radial torch movement positioning to simplify the cutting part. The vacancy time between the two increases the cutting efficiency of the equipment.


2. Outline function

The finishing CNC cutting machine contour function is mainly used to machine inner and outer contours or machining grooves. No need for 3D model, only one or more contours can be stopped according to the given 2D contour line; the track offset can be stopped, and the arc moves up and down in the Z axis to set arcs, lines, etc.; Stop radius compensation and generate compensation codes.


3. Limit line function

The finishing CNC cutting machine limit line function can control the part processing area (only the area defined by the processing limit line) by setting two limit lines or extract a limit line to control the torch path to meet the part processing precision and Meet the needs of the process.


 4. 3D offset function

The three-dimensional offset function of the finishing CNC cutting machine can generate the cutting torch trajectory with the average line spacing in three-dimensional space; it can ensure the same residual height of the machining effect, improve the processing quality and effect; and also make the CNC cutting machine adhere to the constant load during the cutting process. It is especially suitable for high-speed desktop CNC cutting machine processing.


 5. Shallow plane function

Finishing CNC cutting machine shallow plane function automatically searches for the flat part of the part according to the angle range given by the user, and then generates scanning processing trajectory on these flat parts; can automatically identify the flat area in the part model and generate finishing for these areas The cutting trajectory greatly improves the finishing precision and efficiency of the flat part of the part.

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