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How to use the cutting torch of plasma cutter cnc is not easy to be bad

How to use the cutting torch of plasma cutter cnc is not easy to be bad



When the perforation cutting operation is performed, the molten steel will splash back and the nozzle, which is one of the common causes of the damage of the cutting nozzle. If it is necessary to perforate the cut, it is best to pre-drill with a drill at the perforation and start cutting from the pre-drilled hole.

Try to cut within the normal cutting thickness range of the cutter, and do not cut at the extreme cutting thickness.

The distance from the cutting nozzle to the steel plate should be kept constant, generally around 3-8mm. Too far away, not only the power consumption is too large, but the cutting penetration ability will decrease, and the electrode is relatively consumed, so that the electrode life is reduced; too close The service life of the nozzle will decrease exponentially; the air pressure adjustment is also critical.

The service life of plasma electrode nozzles is also related to other factors, such as: the input voltage level, the quality of the electrode itself, the quality of the plasma cutting machine and the integrity of the equipment, the quality of the plasma torch, the user's Experience and so on, but the most important thing is the above three points. If the three points are good, the service life of the electrode nozzle will be greatly improved.

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