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How to use cnc oscillating knife cutter/cnc with oscillating knife efficiently

How to use cnc oscillating knife cutter/cnc with oscillating knife efficiently


With the continuous advancement of modern technology, the CNC vibration knife cutting machine industry has also made great progress in technology. Therefore, CNC vibratory knife cutting can be used more efficiently and can save material. For this reason, we will introduce to you today how to use the CNC vibrating knife cutting machine efficiently to avoid material waste.

The most important criteria for the quality evaluation of CNC vibratory knife cutting machines are cutting efficiency and cutting quality. In the same machine structure, production level, key component configuration is basically the same or similar, cutting efficiency and cutting quality are determined by the optimization nesting software and CNC cutting system control software, so I want to improve cutting efficiency and cutting quality. Full-time cutting, automatic cutting, high-efficiency cutting, high-quality cutting and high nesting rate cutting can only be achieved by optimizing nesting software and CNC cutting control software as well as automatic perforation and automatic cutting processes.

In the past, when the CNC vibratory cutter cutting machine was used for full-time cutting, it took half of the time to wait for the programming of the CNC system. Now the optimized nesting software can be used to directly program the whole board and the residual board on the computer. The production efficiency is improved; the automatic cutting process adopted by the control system can realize automatic perforation and automatic cutting, completely replacing the manual manual cutting in the past; the nesting software and numerical control system can also provide the edge cutting, continuous cutting and borrowing of the numerical control cutting machine. High-efficiency cutting process and programming method such as bridging can effectively reduce preheating perforation by more than 70%. The system can provide optimization and pretreatment techniques, optimize DXF/DWG graphics, pre-process CNC cutting programs, remove redundant entities, effectively avoid random running and repeated cutting, ensure smooth and high-speed cutting of CNC cutting machine, effectively improve cutting efficiency and cutting. quality.

In order to ensure the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the CNC cutting machine during use, the operator should learn and be familiar with the cutting ideas and technical methods of the software and system.

The above is the specific method to avoid material waste during the operation of the CNC cutting machine. For modern enterprises, only by avoiding waste, can we save labor costs better, which is conducive to better development of the enterprise!


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