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How to use a good plasma cnc cutting machine

How to use a good plasma cnc cutting machine



1. When cutting thinner workpieces, try to use "low-end" cutting to reduce energy consumption and extend service life.

2. When the switch is placed in "upscale", non-contact cutting should be used and the water cutting torch should be preferred.

3. When the switch position must be changed, be sure to turn off the main power switch first.

4. When installing or removing the host, be sure to cut off the power supply first.

5. After disconnecting the power switch of the main unit, you can install and disassemble the accessories and components on the main unit (such as torch, cutting ground wire, electrode, nozzle, distributor, pressure cap, protective sleeve, etc.). Avoid turning the torch switch on and off quickly and again to avoid damage to the arcing system or related components.

6. When it is necessary to start arc cutting from the middle of the workpiece, the cutting stainless steel is 20mm thick and can be directly perforated and cut. The method is as follows: the torch is placed at the starting point of the slit, and the axis of the torch nozzle is at an angle of about 75° to the plane of the workpiece, and then the torch switch is turned on to induce arc perforation; at the same time, the nozzle axis and the workpiece are slowly adjusted. The angle between the faces should be adjusted to 90° when cutting through the workpiece. After cutting through the workpiece, it can be cut normally in the direction of the slit. However, if the above thickness is required to be perforated and cut, it is necessary to drill a small hole (not limited in diameter) at the starting point of the cutting, and cut the arc from the small hole. Otherwise, the torch nozzle is easily damaged.

7. The host's continuous working rate is 70% (when the "cut thickness selection" switch is placed in the low gear, it can work close to 100%). If the continuous working time is too long and the host temperature is too high, the temperature protection system will automatically shut down and must be cooled for about 20 minutes to continue working.

8. When the compressed air pressure is lower than 0.22MPa, the equipment should be in the state of protection and shutdown immediately. At this time, the gas supply system should be repaired. After the fault is removed, the pressure can be restored to 0.45MPa before it can continue to work.

9. If the three-phase input power supply is out of phase, the main unit will not work normally, and some models will be lit with red light. The fault must be eliminated before it can be cut normally.

10. For water-cooled models, the water tank must be filled with tap water and plugged into the pump power plug.

11. Turn the power switch to the “on” position. If the “insufficient air pressure” indicator is on, it should be adjusted to 0.45 MPa as required. Then the "Insufficient Air Pressure" indicator is off. The fan should be turned in the direction of the sign. The water-cooled water pump steering should meet the requirements, otherwise the "water pressure shortage" indicator light, the input power phase should be adjusted.

12. According to the thickness of the workpiece, turn the “cut thickness selection” switch to the corresponding position and select the appropriate torch. The torch has various specifications from small to large. Do not exceed the rated current range, otherwise it will be damaged. Place the torch at the starting point of the workpiece and press the torch switch. If it is not ignited once, press the torch switch again to start the arc.

13. Every 4 to 8 hours of operation (depending on the compressed air dryness), the water filter should be loosened according to the “air filter pressure reducer” release screw to prevent excessive water from entering the machine or the torch. And caused a malfunction.

14. When the water cooling system is in poor circulation, the main engine will be in the state of protection shutdown. At this time, it should be checked and solved according to the method described in the relevant section of this article. After the water pressure returns to normal, the return of the water tank back to the water tank is smooth, and the water cooling can continue to be used. torch.

15. When working in cold environment, be sure to pay attention: when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 °C, it should not be cut by water cooling. Otherwise, the circulating water cooling system will not work properly and the water cooled torch may be damaged.

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