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How to solve metal marking machine/portable fiber laser marking machine with text shallow ?

How to solve metal marking machine/portable fiber laser marking machine with text shallow ?



For those who use the laser marking machine, it is inevitable that some small problems, small faults, such as the text marked after use, are shallow, which seriously affects the marking effect during processing. In fact, there are many reasons why the laser marking machine is not clear. Let us look at how to solve it.


1. The light path has deviated

If this happens, don't worry, first adjust the optical path again, the focal length is wrong, adjust the focal length, to confirm that the workpiece is in the positive focus, and let it return to the best state.


2, the lens is dirty, there are stains

This kind of problem can be obtained by using some cotton swabs to pick up some alcohol on it, then wiping the lenses of the laser marking machine, beam expander and focusing mirror to scrub the stains. The problem of typing is naturally solved.


3, the current problem of the marking machine

This type of problem is usually caused by the power supply current not being turned on or on too small, turning on the power supply current or increasing the supply current to a certain level. If it is because the power supply current of the device is too small, it will affect the depth of the marked word or pattern. At this time, the current of the laser power supply should be increased, the frequency of the marking machine should be reduced, and the marking machine can operate normally. Avoid the situation where the word marked is too shallow.


4. The marking speed is too fast and the filling method is unreasonable.

In this case, the speed of marking can be reduced, the original filling method can be adjusted, and it is determined whether the workpiece is on the top and the focus is re-adjusted.


5, laser module life limit

This situation suggests a direct replacement of the laser module.

For the laser marking machine, the problem of shallow typing can be solved by referring to the above methods. Of course, the best method is to prevent it when it is used. In normal times, pay more attention to the working state of the laser marking machine. The hidden dangers of the problem were eliminated before they appeared.


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