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How to blackening on Aluminum Oxide

How to blackening on Aluminum Oxide


Marking on Aluminum Oxide with black color

Many customer want to mark on aluminum with black color,but do not know how is phenomenon happen and do not know how to choose laser generator. Today we talk principle of this and laser generator type.

Blacken Aluminum Oxide pictures show:



Video show:




Now MOPA laser marking machine is used the most advanced laser technology development and become a new generation of laser marking machine system, the fiber laser, laser output then through digital marking function, high-speed galvanometer system is mainly used to replace traditional backward aluminum's manufacturing process.The advanced laser processing system can rapidly improve the quality and production efficiency, reducing energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution.And aluminum black MOPA laser marking machine is a more extensive applications of laser equipment.Alumina dozen black and can be called aluminum logo laser, laser carving machine, laser engraving, alumina products the laser engraving machine, metal laser marking machine.

Alumina dozen black MOPA laser marking mechanical and optical conversion efficiency is high, the cooling air cooling way, the whole machine volume small, the output beam quality is good, high reliability.Existing many aluminum to play black is directed at the anodic aluminum oxide to handle, which is due to the effect of nano aluminum's principle, because after laser treatment for nanoscale oxide particle size, the material of the light absorption performance increase, so as to make the visible light exposure to the substance to be absorbed, reflected in the very little visible light, to the naked eye is black, so called alumina black.Of thin film interference theory, that is impossible, the interference according to produce different kinds of thin film thickness of wavelengths of light, but black is not a band of light, but there is no light.Another is the color of oxide, after looking for aluminium oxide is white.In one of the stainless steel black was the result of iron oxide.

No oxide layer of the aluminum plate to hit black, there is only one way is to open power, want to be in more than 30 w, beat aluminum can burn with black words.Have alumina oxide layer, use LXSHOW laser marking machine, can play the game of shuttlecocks black.Aluminium hit black marking machine can be directly to the aluminum hit black effect

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