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Fiber laser marking machine mark QR (QuickMark) on carbon steel plate

Fiber laser marking machine mark QR (QuickMark) on carbon steel plate


Qr code in today's life in every corner of our life, qr code can store large amounts of information, as a new type of current means of publicity and marketing, is now gradually being used more and more merchants manufacturer.
The qr code in manufacturing information management system, food, pharmaceutical and other industries product trace ability and sales management, the application of e-commerce industry has been very mature, qr code underlying demand also increasingly strong.
Traditional way of qr code mark is the ink printing and printing, qr code marked this way is not clear, can appear qr code scanning not to come out, and fall off easily erased, easy to be used by criminals, fake and inferior products.

Along with the development of laser technology, laser marking machine gradually appear in the public view, unlike traditional way of printing, laser marking machine of qr code permanent fine, don't be erased, controlled by industrial control computer, no contact mark on products is conducted by using a laser beam, laser marking clearly, fast and suitable for mass online marking, high yield, and pollution-free.

LXSHOW Laser (https://www.laserlx.com/) research and development production of laser marking machine can be in different material products exquisite permanent qr code marking, different series of laser marking machine application area is different, the ultraviolet laser marking machine mainly on the glass, fiber laser marking machinefunction words on the metal pattern of information processing, co2 laser marking machine is mainly used in leather, wood products.


We use carbon steel test with fiber laser marking machine.Video show:



Samples show:

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