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Fiber laser marking machine mark on bearing

Fiber laser marking machine mark on bearing


Marking on bearing , there is pneumatic and fiber laser marking 2 type for customer. In resent years, the price of fiber laser marking machine is lower and be acceptable by most buyers,so pneumatic laser marking is given up by people and market with its disadvantages.More and more people choose fiber laser marking machine for bearing mark.


Marking on bearing video by our factory for your reference:





Fiber laser marking on bearing has advantages listed:

1, has small volume, long service life (> 100000 hours), low power consumption (160 q) and the speed of light are of good quality and the USB interface, support WIN98/2000 / XP operating system;
2, is not affected by bad environment and temperature changes;Power in the state of the battery and car cigarette lighter, etc can be used for operation.In fiber laser, laser marking system of laser source is generally with continuous or pulse CO2 laser, ND YAG laser as the light source.Compared with the traditional laser light source, optical fiber laser performance is superior, the divergent Angle is about a quarter of the semiconductor pump laser (more applicable precision, fine marking industry);Electro-optic conversion efficiency is 1/10 of lamp pumped solid laser marking machine;The work an average of up to 100000 hours;
3, fiber laser is air-cooled completely, do not need to chiller, cooling water pipe and temperature controller and other supporting equipment, the volume to reduce the energy consumption is reduced, the use of user cost is much lower than using traditional laser marking system of light source;
4, 10-100 KHZ ETL fiber laser pulse repetition frequency, average 10-20 w output power of fiber laser product volume 58 cm * 280 * 56 cm, the weight of 22 kg;Because of the laser diode is the working voltage, fiber laser electro-optical efficiency is as high as 70%, driving power in the condition of power can use UPS power support;The power consumption of only 160 w.


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