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Fiber laser marking machine mark cable with laser generator 30W

Fiber laser marking machine mark cable with laser generator 30W


In order to better recognition the difference between cable, we need to marking on cable.


Marking on cable ,we can use Fiber laser marking and uv laser marking machine.So what’s the difference better fiber and uv?


Uv laser marking machine:

Marking a variety of non-metallic materials.Used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage packaging, packaging, building ceramics, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell plate, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.Can be marked on metal and a variety of non-metallic materials.More suitable for application in some fine, high precision products processing.Applied in electronic components, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.


Fiber laser marking machine:

Applicable materials include: ordinary metals and alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc) all metal, rare metal and alloy (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxide (either all kinds of metal oxide), special surface treatment (phosphorization, anodized aluminum, plating surface), ABS material (electrical appliances shell, daily necessities), ink (previous to light buttons, printing products), epoxy resin.



Simply speaking:

Fiber laser marking machine: it's very popular mainly in the aspect of metal signs marking and have absolute advantages on marking with depth, metal lettering, and so on.
Uv laser marking machine: belongs to cold working mode of the heating effect of the product is very small, almost no damage of product.So popular in high precision, so the price expensive because of its unique advantage.


Next is video of fiber laser marking machine 30W mark on cable:



Finished samples show:

news-Fiber laser marking machine mark cable with laser generator 30W-Lxshow-img

Next is video of uv laser marking machine mark on cable:



So choosing which one also decided to your budget and precision requirements. Detailed quotation,send inquiry to us,we will give best offer on fiber and uv.

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