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Fiber Laser Marking: Excellent Metal Nameplate Marking Technology

Fiber Laser Marking: Excellent Metal Nameplate Marking Technology


Sample of 50W MAX desktop fiber laser marking machine

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Previously, the surface of the metal nameplate was marked by silk screen printing and pad printing in traditional printing, such as pattern drawing, company logo printing, contact information, two-dimensional code, etc. The method of engraving the pattern to be printed on the steel plate, and then printing it on the nameplate surface through a printing screen is silk screen printing. The method of printing the mass plate to be engraved on the steel plate, and then printing on the surface of the product with a silicone transfer head is pad printing. However, as people's needs increase, the shortcomings of traditional marking technology gradually emerge, such as:


1. Poor abrasion resistance. The abrasion resistance mentioned here is not the abrasion resistance of metal materials. It refers to the fact that the ink on the metal surface is often worn away during use, causing blurring and discoloration.

2. Poor adaptability to harsh environments, such as equipment such as water pump nameplates, air compressor nameplates, mold nameplates, etc. Due to production environment problems, they are often exposed to immersion, high temperature, chemical pollution, etc. Ordinary printing inks cannot withstand the environment Devastating.

3. The aesthetic requirements, the appearance of metal surface printing is relatively low-end, it is not suitable for some products with high appearance requirements, such as medals, metal business cards, exquisite company propaganda nameplates, craftsmanship nameplates, etc. Meet its appearance requirements.

4. In the process of screen printing, chemical materials such as organic solvents and heavy metal elements are used. These substances are toxic and cause personal injury to screen printing staff. In addition, during the drying process of screen printing inks, volatile chemical materials are gradually evaporated into the air. Pollution to air and environment.


Compared with traditional marking technology, Jinan Lingxiu Laser has many advantages:


1. Good quality and strong abrasion resistance. The surface of the metal nameplate is clear and beautiful. It can identify various LOGO, patterns, two-dimensional codes, text, and is directly engraved on the metal nameplate, which has higher wear resistance;


2. High processing accuracy. After focusing the laser beam emitted by the fiber laser, the minimum spot diameter can reach 20um, which has little effect when processing complex graphics and precision machining.


3. High efficiency and simple operation. The user only needs to set the parameters directly marked on the computer, and the surface of the metal nameplate can be completed in seconds to ten seconds.


4. Non-destructive marking. The fiber laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing. The laser head does not need to contact the surface of the nameplate, so there is no need to consider the damage to the marking product;


5. Wide range of use, safety and environmental protection. Can mark various metal materials;


6. Reduce costs. Generally speaking, the laser only needs 20w to meet the demand and save power. It can also be used with other automation equipment to reduce integration costs;


7. Stable performance and long service life of equipment. Fiber laser marking machine adopts fiber laser, which can avoid maintenance for 100,000 hours and has a long service life.


Next is video of 50W MAX desktop fiber laser marking machine:



Finished samples show:


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