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Dust removal scheme for cnc plasma machine

Dust removal scheme for cnc plasma machine



In order to save investment under the premise of ensuring the filtering effect, we divide the exhausting table under the cutting table into several cubic chambers of equal geometric size in the design. Each chamber is integrated with the main suction duct. There is a controllable valve between them. The opening of the valve controls a special induction mechanism. The induction mechanism is integrated with the cutting head mount to make the cutting head position during the cutting operation. The valves on the corresponding chambers are always open, while the valves on the other chambers are closed. As a result, the amount of suction is greatly reduced, thereby saving equipment investment. The air volume of such a fixed dust removal system is related to the width of the cutting platform, and generally a relatively large air volume is required to have a better dust removal effect. CNC cutting machine dust removal system cutting platform, exhaust pipe, high efficiency dust collector and control system.

The cutting platform is composed of a workpiece support frame, a slag bucket and a platform base frame. The horizontal direction of the cutting platform is divided into several different intervals, the size is: 1.2m×2.0m, and there are two air passages running through the full length on both sides of the longitudinal direction. The horizontal spacing of the cutting platform is connected or cut off from the longitudinal air passage. . There is a slag bucket in each interval to hold the metal slag and metal scrap generated during cutting, and if necessary, the slag bucket can be lifted and removed. There is a row of vents on each side of the slag bucket. The workpiece support frame is fixed on the upper part of the cutting platform for supporting the workpiece, and the workpiece support plate is detachable and easy to replace (the width of the upper layout of the cutting platform is about 0.5 m).

The platform working surface has a proper downward wind speed to ensure that the smoke does not escape under the economical energy consumption. The high-efficiency dust collector is used to remove particles from the soot to ensure that the discharge meets environmental requirements. Start the ventilator before the cutting work, so that the air passes around the workpiece at the corresponding interval of the rack, with the smoke generated by the cutting, from the sluice vent of the position, enter the longitudinal air passage, pass the air duct, and pass the high efficiency dust collector Filtered and discharged into the atmosphere.

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