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Dust removal measures when using ion plasma cutting

Dust removal measures when using ion plasma cutting



Many customers report noise, smoke, arc, and metal vapor when operating plasma cutting machines. The situation is particularly serious when cutting or cutting non-ferrous metals at high currents, causing environmental pollution. Most CNC cutting machine manufacturers participate in the water storage tank under the workbench to avoid soot flying. So how do you dust? Next, I will tell you about its dust-removal measures.

There must be a water storage tank for cutting on the water surface. The water tank top is a work table for placing the workpiece, and a plurality of arranged pointed steel members are arranged, and then the pointed workpiece is supported on the horizontal surface by the pointed steel members. When the torch is in operation, the plasma arc is covered by a layer of water curtain, and a recirculating pump is required to pump the water out of the water reservoir and then into the torch. When the water is sprayed from the cutting torch, a water curtain is formed which is enveloped by the plasma arc. This water curtain greatly avoids the damage to the environment caused by noise, smoke, arc and metal vapor generated during the cutting process. The water flow required by this method is 55 to 75 L/min.

Subsurface cutting is to place the workpiece about 75mm below the surface of the water. The table on which the workpiece is placed consists of a pointed steel member. The purpose of selecting a pointed steel member is to provide the cutting table with sufficient capacity to accommodate chips and slag. When the torch is launched, the compressed water flow is used to discharge the water near the nozzle end face of the torch, and then the plasma arc is ignited for cutting. When cutting under the water surface, keep the depth of the workpiece submerged under the water surface. A system for controlling the water level should be prepared, and then a water pump and a water storage tank should be added to maintain the water level by means of irrigation and drainage. Generally, the manual plasma cutting machine cutting or automatic cutting workbench is equipped with an exhaust system around the workbench to draw the exhaust gas out of the work shop. However, the exhaust gas still pollutes the environment. If the pollution caused exceeds the national standard, the smoke and dust transition equipment should be added.

Exhaust treatment is generally only for the section of the cut surface. The general exhaust fan unit is composed of a gas collecting hood, a duct, a purifying system and a fan. Part of the exhaust can be divided into a fixed partial exhaust system and a mobile partial exhaust system according to the different gas gathering methods. The fixed part exhaust system is mainly used for the large-scale CNC cutting production workshop with fixed operation address and worker operation method. The position of the gas collecting hood can be fixed at one time according to the actual situation. The mobile part of the exhaust system is relatively sensitive, and different working postures can be selected according to different working conditions. The purification system of CNC cutting soot and harmful gases generally adopts a bag type or a combination of electrostatic dust removal and adsorbent purification method, which has high processing power and stable operation conditions.


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