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Color laser marking sample with mopa fiber laser generator

Color laser marking sample with mopa fiber laser generator


Some customers wants to mark with color in the stainless steel surface,how do this realize? General fiber laser general can finish?


The principle of laser marking machine is : use of high energy laser beam through the evaporation of surface material leakage deep material, or through the surface physical chemistry physical change marked trails, or through the light burn off part of the material, logo design or text.

Laser marking technology as the most advanced industrial products and the effective processing method, by various industries gradually known and accepted, in food and beverage, medical packaging, electronic components, auto parts, mobile phone accessories, and other fields have laser tag's masterpiece.



In the field of stainless steel marking has appeared on the color marking with new process development, and constantly mature and development are obtained.
The basic principle of stainless steel color marking laser, is the use of high energy density laser heat source on the stainless steel material, make its surface to generate colored oxide, or generate a layer of colorless transparent oxide film, as a result of the thin film optical interference effect and color effect.By controlling the laser energy and parameters for different thickness of oxide layer of different colour, even color gradient marking.


Recently we do a text with Color laser marking with MOPA laser generator (JPT laser generator) on stainless steel plate with yellow and black color. The video as next:



The samples show:

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