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cnc plasma cutting table air-cooled torch application range

cnc plasma cutting table air-cooled torch application range



The air-cooled plasma cutting torch is an air-cooled torch, also known as an air-cooled torch, which is mainly concentrated in a plasma power supply within 100A. Generally, the common CNC plasma cutting machine is matched with different types of torch according to the thickness of the cutting plate. Here, we are talking about the air-cooled CNC plasma cutting machine. The torch is mainly distinguished from the water-cooled cutting torch. It is generally used to cut and process metal materials such as stainless steel and carbon plates below 10mm. In short, it is through the air. Natural cooling reduces the torch surface temperature for long-term use. Air-cooled torches have a shorter service life due to different cooling methods.

1. The electrode in the torch, if the center of the wire is burned 2.5--3mm; should be replaced in time, the electrode must be completely cooled (blow with compressed air) when replacing, otherwise the electrode base is heated and swelled tightly. Do not use excessive force when loosening, otherwise the electrode base may be damaged. Before the electrode and nozzle are replaced, it is necessary to check whether the inner cavity is clean and must be used after removing impurities.

2. During normal use, suddenly hear the sound, the arc is red, and the arc is on the shovel. It should be stopped immediately. At this time, the electrode and nozzle are damaged. The strong continue to damage the torch. The electrode and nozzle must be replaced.

3. The working current of the air-cooled torch should not be greater than its rated current. If it exceeds, the torch will be damaged.

4. When replacing the electrode and nozzle, the main power must be turned off. When the torch is not equipped with electrodes or nozzles, the torch switch cannot be pressed.

5. The compressed air used must be dry and clean. Because water vapor and oil are easily conductive, spiral black lines are generated on the electrodes, indicating that water vapor and oil are too much, causing the electrodes and the nozzle cavity to be short-circuited by arc, which is easy to damage the torch and cannot work normally.

6. The electrode and nozzle in the torch should not be loose during use. The electrode must be tightened with a special wrench. It must be viewed before each use. If it is loose, use a special wrench to tighten it at any time, but you cannot use an adjustable wrench tool.

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