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Cleaning method of vibrating knife cutting machine/Vibrating Knife Machines

Cleaning method of vibrating knife cutting machine/Vibrating Knife Machines



The CNC vibrating knife cutting machine adopts an open working platform, which facilitates the placement of processing materials and can cooperate with the large-sized honeycomb adsorption platform working on the assembly line to meet the processing of large-format materials. Such as: footwear, clothing, advertising, etc., and meet the needs of small industries such as model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo products industry.


The operator should clean the CNC vibratory cutter cutting machine after the machining is finished, mainly in the following aspects.


(1) Immediately after processing, wipe the machine clean and apply a layer of oil to the surface of the workbench.


(2) Attach a to the machine tool transport system, such as the electric corrosion on the guide wheel and the conductive block, to avoid the vibration of the electrode wire during processing, or even cause the electrode wire to be short-circuited with the machine tool, resulting in failure to cut normally.


(3) After processing for a period of time, there will be deposition of electric corrosion in the working fluid tank. Every time the working fluid is changed, the daily detergent can be used to wash the water, and the inner chamber of the working fluid tank and the filter net are scrubbed with clean cotton thread. Rinse with clean water and inject a clean working solution.

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