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Application principles of vibrating knife cnc machine

Application principles of vibrating knife cnc machine


With the development of modern machining industry, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of production, for cutting precision and quality also put forward higher requirements. Ensued, vibration cutting machine also entered the market, as the main force of the flexible material cutting, vibration cutting machine working principle.

The working principle of CNC cutting system is programmed according to the prior processing program (commonly used drawing software OTOCAD), automatically to be processing parts processing.We put the parts of the processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle revolutions, feeding, turning back, etc.) as well as the auxiliary function (in knife, spindle forward, reverse, cutting fluid, etc.), according to the regulations of the numerical control cutting system of instruction code and program format write into the processing program list, then this application form on the contents of the records in the control medium (such as punched tape, tape, disk, magnetic bubble memory), and then input to the numerical control machine tool numerical control device, thereby command machine parts.The vibration cutting machine is to use the blade cutting through the principle of electricity or gas rapid vibration of material.


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