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air plasma table

air plasma table



air plasma cutting machine is manufactured in accordance with GB15579.1-2004 "Arc welding equipment Part 1: Welding power supply". This series of cutting machines can cut all metal materials, especially suitable for high alloy steels and non-ferrous metals that are difficult to complete by flame cutting. This series of cutting machines has ideal static characteristics and good dynamic characteristics.


First, the characteristics

1. The arc energy is highly concentrated, the cutting force is strong, and the workpiece deformation is small.

2, the incision is narrow, smooth, tidy, close to vertical.

3. The cutting current is continuously adjustable.

4. The success rate of arc starting is over 99%.

5, the cutting speed is fast (3 to 5 times the gas cutting), the cutting cost is low.

6. Analog interface: It has control signals such as arcing, arc voltage and success feedback signal.


Second, cutting ability and cutting efficiency

1, LGK-120R with Haibao 105 gun head can be perforated cutting 16mm carbon steel, speed 1000mm / min. It can reach 4 hours.

2, LGK-200R can be perforated and cut 20mm carbon steel, cutting speed 1000mm / min; a set of electrode nozzle can cut 200 meters continuously.

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