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Advantages of oscillating knife cutting plotter/Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine

Advantages of oscillating knife cutting plotter/Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine



(1) Using the vibrating knife cutting technology, it is not necessary to make the die, saving the cost and time of the mold manufacturing, management, storage, etc. in the production development process, completely saying goodbye to the traditional manual die cutting process, completely breaking the enterprise's dependence on skilled workers. The bottleneck is the first to enter the era of digital toolless machining.


(2) Multi-function cutting head design, highly integrated multi-group processing tools, interactive cutting, punching and scribing in one working unit to achieve one-stop operation.


(3) It can complete the pattern cutting with high difficulty and complicated style, which can not be realized by the die, greatly expand the design space of the shoe designer, and create a new style that can not be copied by hand-opening, which makes your model more attractive. The design is truly achieved, and it is not afraid of not being able to do it.


(4) The powerful material discharging and counting system can realize automatic material discharging and accurate material calculation, thereby accurately calculating the cost, accurately controlling the material distribution, and realizing the digital zero inventory strategy.


(5) The leather profile can be effectively identified by projecting the projector projection or capturing the contour of the camera. And according to the natural texture of the leather material, the cutting direction can be arbitrarily adjusted to improve the yield and reduce the loss, thereby improving the effective utilization rate of the material;


(6) Through computer simulation of each operation process, to achieve programmatic operation, eliminating the interference of traditional materials due to personal factors such as workers' emotions, technology, fatigue, etc., to avoid hidden waste, thereby improving material utilization rate;


(7) It is possible to modify the model in time, save time in developing the board, quickly release the board, and quickly change the board to adapt to the fast and ever-changing market demand.

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