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About the life of the gun and consumables during plasma cut cnc

About the life of the gun and consumables during plasma cut cnc



1. There are four main aspects of the smoldering gun:

A: When the air-cooling gun is used, the air is dry and the filter is not good, causing the electrode cutting nozzle to be short-circuited;

B: Excessive use of the electrode, the wire in the electrode is a kind of metal that inhibits the discharge. When the wire is consumed, if the arc is forced to be forced, a short circuit between the electrode and the cutting tip will occur, and the torch will be burned;

C: When the water-cooled gun is cutting, the flow rate of the coolant is not enough, causing the instantaneous temperature of the gun head to rise, causing the inner insulating material of the gun head to melt and burning the gun head;

D: When the cutting verticality changes significantly during the cutting process, care should be taken to replace the electrode.


2. The electrode cutting tip has a short service life:

A: The cooling is not in place, the air flow or the water flow is not enough;

B: The compressed air is not dry enough;


3. Protective cap burns:

A: The arc height is not enough. As long as the torch can be arced, the height of the torch is higher. It can be set on the arc voltage regulator.

B: The number of squares of the cable is not enough, resulting in insufficient instantaneous piercing ability, resulting in too long piercing time, causing the liquid metal to turn up and burn the protective cap;

C: insufficient air flow, resulting in poor cooling effect or weak perforation ability;

D: The cutting parameters are incorrect, causing more cutting spatters and not cleaning them in time;

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