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3D laser marking machine gives surface machining more possibilities

3D laser marking machine gives surface machining more possibilities


With the rapid development of laser technology, the processing form of laser is gradually changing. In order to meet the needs of surface processing, the current 3D laser marking technology is gradually emerging. Compared with the previous 2D laser marking, 3D laser marking can quickly laser mark products with uneven surfaces and irregular shapes, which not only improves the processing efficiency, but also meets the current personalized processing requirements. Now, rich processing and production display styles provide more creative processing technology for current material processing.



In recent years, with the gradual expansion of the market demand for 3D marking business, the current 3D laser marking technology has also attracted the attention of companies in many industries. The developed 3D laser marking machine has been widely used in many industries, and the improved surface marking provides a professional solution for the current surface treatment.



Today's3D laser marking machines use a front-focusing optical mode and use larger X and Y axis deflection lenses. This is conducive to transmitting a larger laser spot, which greatly improves the accuracy of focusing and the energy effect, and the surface of the mark is also larger. At the same time, 3D marking will not affect the surface energy of the processed object with the upward movement of the laser focal length like 2D laser marking, and the effect of carving will be unsatisfactory. After using 3D marking, all surfaces with a certain amplitude can be completed at once using the current 3D laser marking, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. In the current manufacturing, there are many products with irregular shapes in order to meet specific needs, and some products may have bumps on the surface. Using traditional 2D marking methods seems a little helpless. At this time, you need to use the current 3D laser marking is required to complete the process. Although the current fiber laser marking machines have been widely used in many fields, the advent of 3D laser marking machines has effectively made up for the lack of laser curved surface processing and provided a wider stage for current laser applications.


Next is video of 3D deep engraving 1mm 50w fiber laser marking machine:



Finished samples show:

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